Every moment counts

6 October 2014

I am in the midst of six uninterrupted weeks here in Mfuba. Six weeks of just being here, without all the distractions of planning Camp TREE or spending nights in Kasama or attending some Peace Corps meeting.

Six weeks during which I don’t go anywhere further than I can bike to and return on the same day. Six weeks in which I can’t post on this blog, so I’m relying on a friend for this one. (Thanks, Helene! :+)

Six weeks of living on “Zambian time” and rolling with the punches. Which, in the interests of full disclosure, does include unexpectedly spending three separate nights away from home, despite my best attempts NOT to spend a night away.

One visiting my new neighbor 33 K away, to make sure he’s doin’ OK during his first weeks in his new home. One when I had to go to Kasama to get new brakes for my bike and do other work not worth mentioning.

One still to come, since our new Peace Corps country director will be visiting a PCV about 100K away from me and wants to meet as many “nearby” PCVs as possible. I wanna meet him, too.

Sigh … Six weeks of letting go of expectations.

Staying six weeks in Mfuba (with at least no long stretches away) may not seem like a big deal. It SHOULDN’T be a big deal. I live here, after all.

But, sad to say, I haven’t spent more than three continuous weeks in Mfuba all year.

There are a host of reasons I’ve been away, from two weeks’ medical leave in Lusaka to our Mid-Term conference, to Camp GLOW, to – most recently – planning for and hosting Camp TREE. I’ve taken two short vacations in there, too.

My “in the vil” percentage has dropped to 66% – from 75% at the end of 2013.

Looking ahead – to my upcoming visit to Luapula Province, to provincial meetings in November, vacation over the holidays, Close of Service conference and medical exams … This could be my last chance to spend such a long stretch in Mfuba!

In this context – and with just over six months until I have to leave all the people I love in Mfuba – six weeks seems like no time at all.

Or, just long enough to remind me that every moment counts.