Kapishya Hot Springs

Our four days at Kapishya Hot Springs were some of the most peaceful and relaxing I’ve spent in Zambia. We camped along the beautiful Mansha River, and the simple act of falling asleep to the sounds of flowing water might’ve made the whole trip worthwhile. But we also got to soak every night in the semi-tropical surroundings of a natural hot spring, hike up rocky hills for sunset views, climb boulders, and float along the river. I even got a massage (!) in an open-air nsaka along the banks of a small tributary of the Mansa.

Located along the always-amazing Muchinga Escarpment, Kapishya was my idea of paradise. And to top it all off, I spent the whole trip with some of my favorite PCVs in Zambia, along with Adam’s awesome girlfriend and sister, who were visiting from the States. We shared transportation adventures, good food, and an Iron Chef cook-off at the end. The twelve of us had planned to spend three nights at Kapishya. In the end, five of us stayed an extra night. I could’ve stayed another week. Or maybe the rest of my life. :+)


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