Luwingu Camp Glow

In July 2014 I had the great privilege of attending my second Camp GLOW, in Luwingu. (My first was in Kasama in December 2013, but I’ve essentially become part of the “Gu Crew,” so I joined them instead this year.)

This time around, I got to have a hand in organizing the camp and teaching the 23 teen girls who attended.  It’s hard to express how rewarding – not to mention how just plain fun – it is to hang out with and teach young women poised to become leaders in their communities. Being a part of Camp GLOW inspires me in ways that working with adults rarely does.

Besides, this time around I got to bring three girls whom I’d actually gotten to know and like: Chola, Mwango, and Mwape. (At the time of the December 2013 Camp GLOW, I barely knew the Mfuba attendees, Harriet and Patricia, though they’ve now become part of a circle of girls I talk with regularly.) Chola, Mwango, and Mwape are active members of our GLOW Club in Mfuba, so it was exciting to get to bring them to this year’s Camp GLOW – and to see them blossom in some of the same ways that Harriet and Patricia did last year.

Mwape, me, Chola, and Mwango.

Mwape, me, Chola, and Mwango.

It was an exhausting five days, filled with formal and informal lessons about confidence, motivation, health, the female body, and communication skills; games of all kinds; and a whole lot of singing and dancing! But it was so, so worth it.

Photos courtesy of PCVs Jesse Ferber, Adam Ellowitz, and me.


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