West by Northwest Road Trip

Our travels around Northwestern and Western provinces in May 2014 took Samwell, Zach, and I into some of the most remote parts of Zambia we’d yet seen.

We started out in Solwezi, visiting the Peace Corps Provincial house there, but then quickly got off the beaten path, visiting Katie’s village outside Mwinilunga and then following the Zambezi River through Chavuma, up to the Angolan border, down to Lukulu, and finally to Mongu. There were many detours and back-road adventures along the way.

And a lot of time spent on the water. The Zambezi and its tributaries renewed my soul – as did spending 11 days just hanging out with my good PCV buddies, listening to music, sharing stories, and eating at every hole-in-the-wall restaurant we could find. It was a spectacular journey.


2 thoughts on “West by Northwest Road Trip

  1. Stumbled upon your blog. Love the pictures. We are Katie’s parents who just visited her. In fact, we are sitting in the Lusaka airport right now. Your pictures are beautiful and very recognizable to us. Thank you for the work you are doing in Zambia and good luck to you. Enrique and Patty Otanez

    • Hi Patty and Enrique! That’s too bad we missed you. We – I and two other PCVs from our intake – just visited Katie’s village in May. It’s quite a beautiful spot, as I’m sure you realized. And Katie’s a great host. (You can see some of our photos in my “West by Northwest Road Trip” gallery on the Home Page, if Katie hasn’t shown you enough already. :+) Hope you had a fantastic time in Zambia.

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